IQ Mining it is the Cloud mining service

IQ Mining it is the Cloud mining service

To get cryptocurrency, it isn’t obligatory to buy and serve ASIC or threshing barns on video cards. There is an alternative: a cloudy mining (or if it is simpler — lease of capacities which will mine cryptocurrency into your account).

The services rendering such services — several tens. One of them is IQ Mining.

What is IQ Mining: general description of service

IQ Mining – international service of a cloud mining. The company is founded at the end of 2016 (that is it is created not yesterday, and already I managed to be fixed in the market).

Main benefit of service: the company uses excesses of capacities of the large data-centers. At the expense of it services cost cheaper — approximately for 30%, than in “regular” services of a cloudy mining. Wholesale prices and working conditions are protected by smart contracts — that is suppliers won’t be able to refuse service unilaterally.

The data-centers are located in several countries: Russian Federation, Canada, China, Iceland, Georgia and Algeria. For all clients there is a selected phone number for support. Also it is possible to ask questions through the chat working 24/7.

IQ Mining

Main working conditions

Key conditions for clients:

  1. Entrance threshold: 0.01 BTC.   
  2. Additional fees: no — the client pays only for leased capacity.   
  3. An opportunity to get at the same time several cryptocurrencies.  
  4. At the unprofitable cost of the got coin the mining automatically is disconnected.  
  5. Quantity of tariff plans: 3 (Bronze, Silver, Gold). Than more capacity is ordered by the client — that low price.   
  6. Account replenishment methods: cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, Monero, ZEC, BCC, DASH), direct transfer from the card, payment from an electronic payment service provider (Yandex.Money, Qiwi, PerfectMoney, Webmoney, Neteller, VLoad).

As IQ Mining works not the first month — easy to find feedbacks about service in the Internet. In total the system has several thousands of active users.

IQ Mining promo code

For new clients who will be registered by the button below the special rewards program works: the promo code adds +10% to equipment capacity in the chosen tariff plan. Just you copy IQM10UP and you are registered here:

IQ Mining

What cryptocurrencies you can get?

Through IQ Mining it is possible to get such cryptocurrencies:

  1. LTC.
  2. DASH.
  3. ETH.
  4. ZCASH.
  5. DASH.  

Payments are performed daily, being automatically converted into BTC, a minimum amount — 0.0001.