Whether the cryptocurrency mining in 2018 is relevant?

Whether the cryptocurrency mining in 2018 is relevant?

The word “mining” appeared in 2009-2010, together with the first cryptocurrency — Bitcoin. Those far years it was possible to mine even on the simple home computer with the cheap video card — the complexity of network was very small, and production didn’t require the powerful expensive equipment.

In 2018 the mining stopped being the occupation for fans and enthusiasts: today this occupation requires big investments (if, of course, there is a wish to gain notable income).

Prospects of a cryptocurrency mining in 2018

If to consider all term of existence of cryptocurrencies, the entire periods of stagnation of the market were a little profitable, and sometimes and in general unprofitable. Mayner can gain fantastic income only in one case: if the cryptocurrency got by them sharply flies up in the price.

We will give the simplest example, with Bitcoin. When the first cryptocurrency only appeared — it costs nothing, and miner in fact burned down electricity and loaded “iron” just like that, without any profit, at a loss to themselves. However, they received a huge number of BTC which accumulated on purses.

And when Bitcoin, at last, received actual cost, and the first exchanges began to appear — the first miner many times paid back the expenditure. And those lucky who left tens hundreds and even thousands of Bitcoins on purses — most likely, now are dollar millionaires.

Now in this plan, nothing changed: a mining in case of the market falling or stood at the minimum or average level — not profitable even on the powerful equipment. However dozens of experts, analysts and investors promise the further growth of cryptocurrencies.

Therefore the mining in 2018 — is profitable, but only in the long term. Until the prices for cryptocurrencies flew up again — their production will bring very little.

Whether it is worth collecting a farm for a cryptocurrency mining in 2018?

Yes, its worth, but only in the long term.

The situation when the purchased video card paid off in 3-4 months (as it was in the spring of 2017) — remained in the past. “Iron” in case of flowing (on the middle of summer) a rate will beat off at best 1.5-2 years.

In case of the stagnating market prospects for patient investors are offered: now video cards and the other equipment for farms strongly fell in price as demand decreased. In comparison with winter, at the end of spring and in the summer the cost of video cards dropped on average by 20-30%. Therefore if you waited when video cards fall in price — now it is a high time to collect a farm.

Video cards for a cryptocurrency mining, relevant in 2018

In 2018 requirements to video cards for a mining grew not really strongly. Cheap old video cards which at the beginning of 2017 still could get something — can be used today unless for doubtful altcoin, and that not all.

From the main models it is possible to allocate:

  1. At Geforce: 1050TI, 1060 (if to mine Air — only 6 GB if other cryptocurrencies — there are enough also 3 GB), 1070/1070TI, 1080/1080TI, Titan. For a production of cheap altcoin still can be used model 970, 980TI, 1050.
  2.      У Radeon: R9 290X2, Vega (56, 64), R9 Fury X, RX (560, 570, 580, 470), Pro Duo.

The budget farm (on GB 4xGTX 1060 3) in the middle of the summer of 2018 will cost about $1500 (4 cards for $270, + other “iron” for $400). In a production of coins on Ethash, it will give 76 MH/s or about 920 Sol/s on Equihash (performance is specified without dispersal).

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