Week of stability of Bitcoin

Week of stability of Bitcoin

This week the Bitcoin is unusually stable. on April 29th its rate relatively of dollar fluctuated around a mark of $9500 for one bitok and on Sunday May 6th approximately the same picture. Despite a flash in the working days up to $9000, on Thursday Bitcoin sharply won back line items and since Friday traded above marks 9500 sometimes reaching closely 10 000 dollars for a coin.

It is possible that the following news could become the factors which affected it:
– The founder of the Chinese technological company Meitu, Cai Wensheng, said that in 2018 he reached a point in 10 000 purchased bitcoins that was its purpose. Not least these objectives were achieved thanks to fall of the price of bitcoin in the 2018th.
– In the annual statement the IMF noted that cryptocurrencies, in general, don’t threaten stability of world economy.
– The authorities of South Korea plan to legitimize and by that to take under the control ICO. Thus there will be a legalization and actually, a detenifikation huge финансовго the market.


It is similar that the market of cryptocurrencies will be removed gradually from a shadow. As always, everything depends on the strongest world players. But it is only a matter of time.

Not to miss the chance, there is an opportunity now to purchase Bitcoins, the next avalanche growth didn’t begin yet!

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