New cryptocurrencies 2018 and their prospects

New cryptocurrencies 2018 and their prospects

For the end of 2017 there were more than 1300 cryptocurrencies (and it is only the coins added to Coinmarketcap). Almost all of them appeared in 2014-2017 when the Bitcoin was already actively traded at the exchanges, and began to gain mass popularity.

The cryptocurrency boom didn’t end yet — despite market fall by winter of 2018 new projects continue to be started now. Users who want to invest profitable need to understand these innovations. We will help them, having constituted the short list of new cryptocurrencies of 2018.


Why new cryptocurrencies can be more profitable than “old”?


The main benefit of new cryptocurrency — at first it is cheap, but over time its cost can grow in tens, hundreds, and even in thousands of times.

We will give several examples of how some cryptocurrencies rose:

  1. At the end of 2009 it was possible to receive about 1300 Bitcoins for $1. At the end of 2017 for 1 BTC gave more than $19 thousands.
  2. On Efirium’s ICO 1 ETH I cost $0.2. The peak price at the beginning of 2018 — nearly $1400.
  3. In the fall of 2017 of 1 Ripple cost about $0.2. Approximately in 2 months, at the beginning of January, 2018, the rate flew up up to $3 (that is by 15 times in 60 days).

Cryptocurrencies which already rose in tens or hundreds of times with high probability reached the ceiling. The bitcoin still can rise, but hardly this growth will be such sharp. And here new cryptocurrencies which cost several cents now for example — can quite fly up in the price much more.

If to consider a long-term outlook — them more interesting and to buy (on the small amount it is possible to purchase several tens, and even several hundreds or thousands of coins) and to Mine (even with a cheap farm it is possible “to dig out” many coins). If the rate in the future really grows — a large number of coins can turn into hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Essential minus — only in unpredictability. It is unknown what new cryptocurrency will shoot and when it occurs. Therefore in such questions the investor should relying only on the attentive analysis of news and own good luck.  


To buy cryptocurrency (Exchange)

Exchange UniEx

Selection of new cryptocurrencies for a mining in 2018


Beyond the first half of 2018 on the exchanges there were about 250-300 new cryptocurrencies (according to Coinmarketcap, for July 1 a total quantity of coin — more than 1600).

We will transfer several new cryptocurrencies which have the development plan, inspire trust and draw attention of users.

At first we will consider those coins which can be Mine:

  1. Northern Coin. Steady to ASIC Mining a coin which isn’t added to Nicehash. It is created on an algorithm Xevan, with network мастернод. The project is started at the end of winter of 2018.
  2. MarteX. The coin on an algorithm X13, appeared on February 1. Is anonymous cryptocurrency with an open code and the low commissions. It Mine on GPU, CPU and ASIC.
  3. Electroneum. The project started at the very end of 2017. It is steady to ASIC Mining. Has limited issue in 21 billion coins (for comparison: The bitcoin has restriction, only in 21 million coins too — that led to emergence of inconvenient quotations in Satoshi).
  4. AndCoin. The project is created for simplification and expense reduction on anonymous financial transactions. Issue is limited — 25 million tokens. By 2019 promise start of a mining on smartphones.
  5. InstaCash. The cryptocurrency on an algorithm Quark, is intended on anonymous transactions. There is a possibility of the multisignature, there are smart contracts and masternoda.
  6. MamboCoin. An internal token in the service analyzing profit on investments. The algorithm — X11, is an opportunity to lift a masternoda.
  7. EtherZero. Fork Ethereum, from benefits — instant transactions, support of smart contracts and resistance to ASIC.
  8. Bitcoin Candy. One of Bitcoin Cash fork. According to the statement of developers — the safest cryptocurrency having quantum protection. A mining algorithm — Equihash.
  9. Bitcoin Smart. One more Bitcoin fork. It is planned to issue 2.1 billion coins.


Selection of tokens


Not all cryptocurrencies are available to a mining — users can only purchase some of them at the exchange.

From the most interesting tokens in 2018:

  1. Crypterium. Number of the services united in 1 project. From functions — currency exchange, issuance of credits, money transfers. From pluses — the high speed and the low transactions commission.
  2. Gladius Token. The cryptocurrency created on the basis of the project for webmasters which allows to accelerate loading of the website and to protect it from breaking and viruses.
  3. Qlink. The decentralized network of telecommunications in which mobile communication and Wi-fi are organized on technology of a blockchain. As result — data in network are protected from breaking and from control by provider. It is planned to issue 600 000 tokens.
  4. Envion. The project designed to simplify a mining of other cryptocurrencies and to cut expenses on it due to use of excessive power of the power plants.
  5. BioCoin. A blockchain platform for business in the sphere of ecological products and technologies, safe for the nature.


Is it worth to buy new cryptocurrencies in 2018?


It is possible that all transferred cryptocurrencies won’t grow in price even twice. Perhaps — that part of them will fly up in the price in ten times. Perhaps — some token will repeat success of the “main” cryptocurrencies, having taken the place at top of rating of Coinmarketcap.

To speak meanwhile about it still early as these cryptocurrencies are rather new. But unambiguously it is worth paying attention to them, tracking news.

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