The Bitcoin grows again - news of a week on July 22, 2018

The Bitcoin grows again - news of a week on July 22, 2018

For this week the Bitcoin not poorly grew. From $6270 at the beginning of a week up to $7460 this Sunday.

What has happened?

BlackRock considers investments into Bitcoin

At the beginning of a week there was information that allegedly information leakage from BlackRock confirms that the world’s largest investment company by the size of assets, is going to create the working group on investments into Bitcoin. On this news the market quickly quickened and added Bitcoin 4% of cost in dollars.

And in spite of the fact that a bit later Larry Fink told in an interview of Bloomberg that he this information not absolutely true, though didn’t confute it completely, the market didn’t sink any more.

Samsung began to accept cryptocurrency in the Baltic States

The CopPay payment provider reported that with its processing support, the electronic giant Samsung in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia began to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

The bitcoin reached a bottom – Barry Silbert, Arthur Hayes

Barry Silbert said that he with optimism considers bitcoin potential as the investment tool. According to him, the Bitcoin reached a bottom for this year and therefore it the other day purchased Bitcoins more.

In turn, Arthur Hayes, the head of cryptocurrency trading floor BitMEX assumed that in the nearest future for check of stability of the market, the rate will fall to some time up to $5000 and if the market is proved to be well, then the Bitcoin can reach $50 000 in 2018.


Anyway, but on news of this week the Bitcoin added nearly 20%! Therefore not to waste time, for certain it is worth being bought by cryptocurrency.

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