What is cloud mining?

What is cloud mining?

On what websites it is possible to invest in it safely?

The word “mining” at the majority is associated with ranks ASIC’s or threshing barns with video cards.

But there is also an alternative — a cloudy mining. Such method of production of cryptocurrencies doesn’t require investments and content of a large amount of “iron”. What is it, as works and in what benefits — we will consider below.

What is a cloudy mining and in what difference from “regular” production of cryptocurrencies?

The cloudy mining is a remote lease of someone else’s mining-equipment. For the period of lease the paid capacity will get cryptocurrency for benefit of the client.

That is physically all “iron” remains at the owner (a mayner who leases it through service of a cloudy mining). All efforts on servicing and control of farms — remain on the owner. The client (who leases capacity) — shall pay the contract only.

What cryptocurrencies can be got?  

Most often services of a cloudy mining suggest to get the “main” cryptocurrencies — BTC, ETH, ZEC, LTC. More rare, but other popular altсoins, like Dash, Monero meet. Some services allow “to dig” also other coins, including new, recently appeared.

Pluses of a cloudy mining

In comparison with production of cryptocurrencies on own equipment, the cloudy mining has such advantages:

  1. There is no need to put the large amount for purchase of own “iron”. 1 cheapest ASIK costs about $750-800, 1 threshing barns with 4 inexpensive video cards (Geforce GTX 1060) — will cost $1700-1800. For a “house” mining of such equipment will be enough, but serious profit requires many times more “iron”.
  2. There is no need to look for, order, collect, to connect and adjust, watch and look after the equipment.
  3. There is no risk to lose the invested money because of breakdown or theft of the equipment.
  4. There is no need to resolve an issue with placement of the equipment, capacity of an electrical wiring and payment of utilities.
  5. There are no noise and heat from a large number of the equipment.
  6. It is possible to lease any capacity — from small and to industrial.
  7. It is possible to start a mining within 5-15 minutes (whereas to start a “regular” mining it is required to spend not 1 day for purchase and installation of the equipment).

We will sum up the short result: the cloudy mining is good the fact that it completely removes all efforts connected with equipment maintenance from the user. He needs only to analyze a situation in the market, during the profitable periods starting production of the necessary cryptocurrency.  

Whether it is worth trying? About shortcomings of a cloudy mining

In spite of the fact that services of a cloudy mining there is a large number — investors all the same not always prefer such method of receipt of cryptocurrency. The cloudy mining requires very good knowledge of the market, fixed analytics and control. Because of fast changing of a rate production can become unprofitable — such moments should be noticed directly and to stop lease.

Also has value and the budget. In 2018 on many services there is the minimum threshold of entry, on average at the level of 0.01 BTC. But even if there is no minimum restriction — for receipt of notable profit it is all the same necessary to put the large amount. With the small budget it is possible to lease capacities too, but income will be in most cases insignificant.

Among other shortcomings — a possibility of deception from the unreliable company and lack of pleasure from independent work with “equipment” (some users like this occupation).

How to begin a cloudy mining?

To begin production, it is necessary:

  1. To find service with suitable conditions. The wide choice — the websites of such plan exists several tens. It is more than a half of them — fraudulent projects. Therefore to choose the first service, or service with it is inexplicable low prices — isn’t necessary.
  2. To be registered on the chosen website and to recharge. Most often for payment accept the main cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC), in addition transfers directly from the map, through online banking, through electronic payment service providers can be available.
  3. To create the order with the necessary conditions (capacity and the necessary cryptocurrency).

After that the order will arrive in work, and after acceptance production will begin. The user will need only to track a rate, stopping production during the unprofitable periods and to check whether the got coins come to its account.

The checked services of a cloudy mining

Here several services checked by time:

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How many it is possible to earn?  

You shouldn’t expect that the cloudy mining allows to get easy profit: mayner and the data-centers won’t lease the equipment to the detriment of themselves.

Therefore the difference between the price of the contract and the received benefit very small, and because of sags of a rate — can be negative in general. For this reason the large budget and fixed and attentive market research is so important for profit earning.